Wednesday, January 4, 2012

1-8-2012 RedPlum Coupon Preview

Sunday coupon preview
Regional coupon inserts & value differences are to be expected!
(x) before coupon = multiple of same coupon
ETS = excludes trial sizes
RedPlum Coupon Preview
Always/Tampax Save $1/2 items TARGET COUPON (4/1)
Arrowhead Save $1/1 .5-liter 6pk or Save $1/2 1-liter bottles of sparkling mountain spring water (2/19)
Axe Save $1/1 4oz bodyspray, 2.7oz anti-perspirant and deodorant or 3oz deodorant ETS (2/4)
Axe B1G1 free shower gel or detailer up to Save $5.99 (1/22)
Beano Save $1/1 Meltaways (3/31)
Beano Save $1/1 product (3/31)
Clearblue Save $2.50/1 7-20ct ovulation test or 2-5ct pregnancy test TARGET COUPON (4/1)
Diabetic Tussin Save $1/1 8oz product (3/31)
Emerald Save $.75/1 Breakfast on the go! or canister 7.5oz+ (3/4)
Emerald Save $1/2 100 calorie packs (3/4)
FiberChoice Save $2/1 product (2/28)
Garnier Save $2/1 moisturizer (4/8)
Garnier Save $3/1 HerbaShine color creme (2/19)
Jimmy Dean Save $.55/1 product excluding rolls dnd (2/19)
Jimmy Dean Save $.55/2 rolls dnd (2/19)
Kettle Save $1/1 4oz bag Baked Potato Chips (3/17)
Kettle Save $1/1 8oz bag Reduced Fat Potato Chips (3/17)
Kibbles ‘n Bits Save $1/1 dry dog food (2/4)
L’Oreal Save $3/1 shade of Preference (3/4)
Maybelline New York Save $1/1 mascara (3/8)
Maybelline New York Save $2/1 face product (3/8)
MET-Rx Save $1/2 Big 100 or Protein Plus bars (2/29)
Multi-betic Save $2/1 diabetes multi-vitamin/mineral (3/31)
Nature’s Bounty Save $7/1 Co Q-10 Ubiquinol (2/21)
Newman’s Own Save $.75/1 lite salad dressing (2/18)
Pepto/Vicks/Prilosec Save $1/1 Pepto-Bismol, Vicks DayQuil, Vicks Vapo, Prilosec OTC or Vicks NyQuil TARGET COUPON (4/1)
PUR Save $5/both faucet-mount filter system AND 2pk replacement filter TARGET COUPON (4/1)
Pure Protein Save $1/1 powder or drink (2/18)
Pure Protein Save $1/2 bars (2/18)
Suave Save $.75/1 deodorant product ETS (2/5)
Suave Save $1/1 body lotion product 18oz+ ETS (2/5)
Suave Save $1/2 Kids hair products ETS (2/5)
Suave Save $1/2 Men hair products ETS (2/5)
Suave Save $1/2 Professionals hair products ETS (2/5)
Suave B2G1 free Naturals or Men body wash ETS up to Save $4 (2/5)
Truvia Save $.75/1 natural sweetener (5/31)
Truvia Save $1/1 natural sweetener (3/31)

Coupon News: New DataBar Barcode Will Bring Some Changes

Maybe you’ve already noticed that coupon bar codes began changing in July 2011. The new long and skinny DataBar bar code was added alongside the traditional UPC code that was so familiar. Soon, you’ll notice that many coupons, including printables, will drop the old UPC code entirely and will use only the DataBar. This means that there are a few things you might want to know:


If you have a coupon with only a DataBar code, it should scan at the register without a problem. If it doesn’t scan, that doesn’t mean that the coupon isn’t legitimate; it simply means that the store hasn’t updated their computer system. Smaller store chains, especially, may be slower to update and may refuse the coupon because it doesn’t scan properly. Remember that stores do have the right to refuse coupons for any reason.


  • Retailers can code more complex promotion offers, including store or chain-specific offers (required quantities and varieties can all be verified in the coding). In the past, coupon coding didn’t allow for great detail.
  • Coupon fraud and mis-redemption is reduced since the code allows for specifics – shoppers will no longer be able to use the coupon in a manner on a product beyond what is clearly specified.


Ideally, the DataBar will mean that coupons can be scanned more quickly at the register and your checkout time will be reduced (with potentially less hassle and need for verification or cashier intervention). The new codes will include expiration dates and item specifics, so you will need to be extremely careful about using a valid coupon on the correct brand/variety/size (which I’m sure you already are!). Hopefully the safeguards the DataBar puts into place will encourage more manufacturers to release coupons for their products!

Thanks Bargains to Bounty!